Our pledges to you

A vote for Welsh LABOUR is a vote

For a Green New Deal

We face a Climate Emergency. At this election the choice is clear. This is our last chance to take action to protect future generations. Labour’s Green New Deal will have the most ambitious climate targets of any country in the world.

For the National Health Service

The NHS was born in Wales and it was delivered by Labour. Only Labour will fully fund and safeguard the NHS; end privatisation of the services we use in England and continue to protect those in Wales.

For Housing

Building genuinely affordable new homes in Montgomeryshire including the biggest council house building programme in generations across the UK. Introducing new tenants rights and a rent cap.

To invest in Future Generations

In Wales, Labour will continue to provide childcare for working parents, the biggest school building programme in the UK, and support for university students including government-backed grants.

To end Austerity

An end to ‘in work’ poverty. An end to Universal Credit and the benefit freeze. An end to older people not getting the care they need by introducing a new National Care Service.

Building an economy for the many, not the few

Scrap the public sector pay cap. Introduce a real Living Wage and a comprehensive package of worker’s rights.

Give people the final say on Brexit

Labour will put Brexit back to the people – and Welsh Labour will campaign to remain.

It’s time for real change

The choice is clear – a UK Tory Government for the privileged few, or a Labour Government for the many. This election is our chance for a fresh start with a Labour Government. Instead of a country run for the rich, Labour will build one in which all of us can lead richer lives.

A UK for the many, not the few

The big polluters, bankers and tax-dodgers have had a free ride for too long. UK Labour will end the cuts to the Welsh budget, with investment for the public services we all rely on.

“A vote for Labour in Montgomeryshire is the only way to ensure that our local needs are not ignored by Westminster.

The Conservatives think they’re born to rule. They will only look after the privileged few. The Liberal Democrat’s record in coalition shows they will support them.

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