Montgomeryshire Labour candidate Kait Duerden

I am proud to be your local Labour candidate in the General Election.

It is our responsibility to pass on a better world to the generations who come after us. At present, our legacy to those who come after us is Climate Emergency, austerity and people struggling to get the care and education they need. 

I joined the Labour Party because I want every child to be well fed, live in warm housing, be educated and encouraged to reach their potential. I want to see working people being treated equally and well, and to be paid fairly. I want a socialised benefits system to support us when in need and a properly funded healthcare system. I want older people to live in dignity, not fear, and to pass on the wisdom of their years. I want an environment which encourages local businesses to flourish and grow and the essential infrastructure which supports all our lives every day to be owned by all of us. I want us to treasure and live in harmony with the environment and pass on a better world to those who come after us. I want to use diplomacy not war to solve international disputes. 

When I was younger I was told this was idealistic. Now I am older I know it’s a necessity. 

This Election is a once in a lifetime opportunity to make the change we need.


I live at Cefn Coch, 4 miles away from Llanfair Caereinion in Montgomeryshire. 

My working life began as an Engineering Industry Training Board apprentice. I worked in IT in both engineering and healthcare, in Operational Research, programme management and business consultancy, and I managed the UK and Ireland healthcare software business for a major US Multinational. I have also served as a non-exec Director of a domestic violence charity, and I was a member of the Institute of Directors. I currently serve as a business mentor in the Women’s Equality Network for Wales. 

I am a Trade Unionist with over 35 years of membership and became the first woman shop steward in the factory I worked in. I was secretary of the local Trades Union Council (TUC) for over 10 years and went on to serve as a union representative at local, national and international level. 

I have decades of campaigning experience on community and workplace issues. I have been a carer and have nearly 20 years of service in volunteering for an animal charity.

As your candidate, I will listen to you and campaign to make changes which help the people and prosperity of Montgomeryshire.  I will work tirelessly to achieve zero carbon targets by 2030 and to ensure that we look after all our people.